Sunday, July 24, 2011

{The Park: take TWO}

{Take Two}

We ate lots of chips and drank tiny cans of soda while waiting for Trent to get the grub a cookin'. Amazingly enough there wasn't a whole lot of people at the park which was nice, 'specially considering both Tanis and I breasfeed our wee babes. 

You should have heard my brother though when Tanis's blanket fell for a moment and he glimpsed her boob, it was like he'd never seen one before and then he got all mouthy when he saw MJ wouldn't allow for anything to be put on her head (not that my boob was hanging out or anything, it was covered because I wear a nursing tank under my normal shirts so there is a top cover - no one has ever seen my boob), but he was whining about it non-the-less, he's such a baby, (haha).

Finally some food!

Trent got a bit weirded out by MJ trying to pick his nose and then put her hand into his mouth

Nana holding her new grandbaby!

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