Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{Northern Idaho here we come}

{Part 1}

We went to go see my father in law earlier this month and it was amazing! It started off beautifully and the kids didn't fight much in the car on the way up, (shocking, I know). It did take a bit longer then we had originally thought but we did make it to William's Dad's before the sun went down and the kids ran around like crazy before it got too dark to see. 

While there the kids got to experience a bit of "roughing it" by using a real out house! The kids thought it was fun, which was great since there wasn't any running water while we were there. 

As you know I am quite the shutterbug so I have had to break up the vacation pictures so as not to crash anyone's computer that has a slower connection, (I took over 100 pictures this trip). I hope you enjoy the images below capturing our journey to getting to Northern Idaho!

Side Note: I tend to become a "drive by shooter" when I am traveling, specially since I got my Workhorse (aka point n' shoot). Most of the scenery pictures are what we saw when driving. All I did was point and click and hope I captured what I wanted since my eyes were focused on the road and not what the camera was capturing.

Views out my drivers side window

taken at a rest stop over looking a river of some sort

MJ loves her brother sooo MUCH!

William making faces at me

Finally in Northern Idaho! Isn't is just lovely!

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