Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{The last Night}

{Part The Evening}

William was able to look thru some of his Dad's old pictures and hear stories about his time with his dad, (he doesn't remember much of his childhood since his brain surgery). It was great to hear the stories and see William remember bits and pieces. We enjoyed the cool air of the outdoors that night and just enjoyed the peace and quiet because we knew that the next morning would be the end of our vacation and we would have to leave. 

Curt reading a book

William sorting thru old photographs

reminiscing the past

Sam was mad at Grandpa because he got into trouble

I asked Sam to smile and what I got is kin to a frog smile

You can defiantly tell William and his dad are related

Ruth just loves her grandpa!

They were in a heated discussion about what color grandpa's hair should be colored

Finally a smile

This one is one of my fav's of him

Daddy with MJ

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