Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Riding Horses: Ruth}

{Part Ruth}

The kids woke up super early, earlier then normal, probably due to the excitement of being at Grandpa's! After they ate breakfast they got to watch grandpa saddle up his horse and then they each got to take a ride with him on Danny, the sweetest horse EVER!

Below are images of getting Danny ready to ride and then of Ruth getting to ride with Grandpa, she was just tickled pink to get up on that delightful horse.

Tying Danny to the post

Grandpa telling them the rules while around Danny

Ruth & Sam just loved Danny

Sam and Danny became fast friends

Sam with Rudy

waiting for Grandpa to get ready

Getting all sattled up

This is KC, one of the most lovable cats ever!

Ruth wasn't scared at all!

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