Thursday, July 21, 2011

{back to Oregon we go}

The next day after the trip to see my Father in Law, I took my dad (Barry bio-dad) and the girls back over to Oregon to see my sisters little guy. I set it up so that not only would we see my sister but my brother, mom and Dad (Bob) too...It was awesome!!

We left fairly early because I wanted to be at my mom's while the sun was still shining and despite stopping at EVERY rest stop and having Dinner at Denny's we made it before the sun set, Thank goodness! Once we got into my mom's place Ruth dragged Grandpa Barry off to play with the other kids at the little play ground behind their apartment complex while I caught up with my dad while we waited for my mom to get off from work.

That night was so restful and I got a decent amount of sleep before getting up and getting ready to head off to see my sister. We of course couldn't leave though until my brother and Robbie showed up - we were all going to follow my mom (well, I was going to follow her anyways)...

Below are the images taken during our drive to my Mom's and that next morning....(by the way all the images below were taken with my "work horse" point n' shoot)

Dinner at Denny's

Hanging with Grandpa Barry at Nana's

Morning Nana!

It was Robbie's birthday too...

This is Dax, Robbie and Trent's big ol' puppy...

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