Monday, July 18, 2011

{The Creek}

{Part Creek}

Before it started to get too hot we decided to take the kids along with Rudy and Danny down to the creek to splash around. I forgot how cold that water is because it comes down from the tippy top of the mountain but it was so nice to just dip the feet in. MJ didn't care for it at all and by the end the kids were all shivering and had blue lips.

The road beside the creek

I am king of this world!

my little monkeys

MJ got her feet wet and wanted back in the stroller

spiders web right over the rushing water

It really was a lovely spot to enjoy the creek

trying to push the log outta the way but it was stuck

Sam was the only one who dared get all the way wet

Danny & Curt

Me and Hubby

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