Sunday, April 8, 2012

{Happy Easter pt 1}

happy easter
part 1: egg dying

We celebrated Easter yesterday, which involved me waking up at 4 am to put the ham into the crockpot and try and finish up cleaning before everyone came and before I had to leave and pick up my brother and  his family.

Once everyone was up we dyed eggs for our easter egg hunt. The kids loved it and so did William and I. Myrna liked dipping her egg into a very watered down dye (lots of water and like one drop of dye just so she thought it was coloring her already dyed egg).

After dying the eggs I had to leave and go pick up my stepbrother and his family.

Sam was the first one done dying his eggs

I love my hubby and all his silliness!

I just adore her new "cheesy" smile!

this is only some of the eggs that were dyed...see the Tardis like one that I made for Sam!

Look how "scratchy" it is!

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