Sunday, April 22, 2012

{Happy Birthday Hubby!}

Yesterday we celebrated my hubby's 35th birthday! We are getting so old, when did that happen? I remember when I was Aaron's age that anyone over 30 was old and here hubs and I are over 30! But really we aren't that old, we still have almost 20 years til we hit 50 - and that's OLD! (haha)

I made hubby's cake, (using this recipe, and it had a chocolate pudding filling and this frosting) and because the store was out of a number 5 candle I decided to get 35 candles, 12 of which were the ones that re-light themselves. It was hilarious because it was an inferno once lit and every time he would have all the candles blown out those 12 would re-light - hubby said I was killing him!

My sad homemade cake before being lit - everyone liked it though

Inferno once lit

Finally all the candles were blown out

For the rest of his day we played "Game of Thrones" the board game brought over by one of his friends. The kids played outside while we played the game at the kitchen table. It was so much fun. It's defiantly one that we are going to have to get for our board game collection.

I think overall hubs had a great day. The kids and I got him 3 new t-shirts with different pictures/sayings on them. The one he wore for his birthday had spock on it with the saying "you better trek yourself before you wreck yourself" - hilarious, don't you think?

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