Monday, April 9, 2012

{Happy Easter pt. 2}

happy easter
part 2: easter egg hunt & basket getting

After picking up my brother and his family and once my dad and step-mom got here we did the easter egg hunt and rippin' into the easter baskets!

The kids were soooo hopped up on sugar all thru the weekend. Grandma wanted everyone to get a quick picture wearing her bunny ears, (aren't they cute!)

easter baskets for all the kids: I only made the bunnies for everyone - the rest was from the grandparents

had to bribe aaron to give grandma a hug or he wasn't to get any candy...LOL

Sam says this is his "cheesy" smile

my step brother shaved his chin hair off for work and isn't too happy about it

I just love this boy! He's got so much personality!

Aaron is my favorite goof! He makes me laugh!

Myrna loved making the bunnies bounce

Yes, we even put the bunny ears on ceasar!

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