Thursday, April 26, 2012


Since beginning my journey with sewing cloth dolls and sculpting with paperclay last year I am finding my style and I am enjoying my new creative outlet.

one of my first clay/cloth dolls sitting next to my newest

I am really seeing the progress I am making and how different my dolls are looking now in comparison with what they first were looking like. I am so glad I can see the progress I am making and of course the OCD in me still sees all my flaws and how I can improve.

I am making my own patterns and making my own creative decisions and my sewing skills are improving. I can sew in a pretty strait line now!

The purple bug eyed gal is one of the "fairies" I made for Ruth for her birthday and it and one other has survived out of the four I gave to her. She is so hard on the dolls but now I making them a bit more sturdy to out last how hard my girls are on the dolls. Who knew girls could be so rough on their dollies!

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