Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{What I've been up to}

I have been busy creating some "hinged" dolls out of paper clay. I have been trying different technique to do their hair, instead of gluing them on one small section at a time I have been sewing them, using my sewing machine to a little bit of felt. 

Making these dolls has been a bit of trial and error but I must say it's been lots of fun. I have also decided to hand paint on the eyes instead of trying to create eyes out of the clay, at least until I can get it the way I want. Since I first started I can really see where I am improving and what still needs improvement.

I think that I am finding my own "style" and niche. I am really enjoying using some of the vintage linens/fabric I have on hand to make these gals their clothes. I know they are simple but since I am not a great seamstress it has been helping me to learn my vintage sewing  (from the 60's)  machine.

I didn't take this picture but it is what my sewing machine looks like. It's a great little workhorse and my favorite color!! credit
Some of my dolls legs are hinged at the knee and some aren't. I am not sure which way I like better but until I figure it out, I guess I will continue to do both. 

I sold my first dolls over the weekend since opening up my etsy shop. It doesn't bother me if I sell anything or not but it's nice to know someone likes what I create and wants it. 

this is an "ornament" no legs, and can be hung anywhere, even in your car!

These are the hinged knee that I was talking about
This is just an example of the strait leg/non-hinged knee - this is one of my first hinged dolls

these are my newest hinged dolls. The one in white has strait legs and the purple has hinged knees.

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