Saturday, August 11, 2012

{Proud of my size: Week 5}

Of course the link up is on week 10 but I was a bit late starting it with them. I am so proud of how much better I am feeling in my clothing since I started taking my pictures for these posts. I know before this link up started I wouldn't have dared the outfit shown below but now I don't care what others think and I LOVE how I look in it!

I didn't want to shave my legs so I paired this dress with a pair of blue jeans and one of my favorite pair of flats, (yes you read right, I don't always shave my legs so pants are required from time to time). I love this dress as a long tunic top and sure it looks fine without the belt but lately most of my outfits have a belt for "just because" and who knew that just because things don't have the same pattern they can go together and it doesn't always have to be one pattern with a solid. I love how the cardi goes with pattern on the dress.

I didn't realize it until editing these images just how orangey/red my hair has become, not that I mind, it's just way brighter then I remember it being, then again I have been out in the summer sun alot more so it's not as dark as it usually is.

Now go check out the others linked up or link up yourself by clicking on the button at the end of the post!! It's oodles of fun and show your love for all the others sharing who they are and their sizes.
Dress, belt, cardigan and jeans: old navy
shoes: thrifted
glasses: eyemart express
flower headband: won in a giveaway


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  1. I love that dress! Good job with the pattern matching, I could never do it well. Looking great!



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