Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{Ceasar's torment}

So Ceasar was tormented by Ruth this time. She carried him, chased him and then afterwards she gave him a nice belly rub. In-between hanging with Grandpa and Grandma and falling asleep of course.  

Myrna got tuckered out and cranky and when she does her hands go right for my boobs. Instead of a comfort blankie she has comfort boobies.

My Dad had a tooth pulled and looks even more redneck then before, it's quite funny but at the same time necessary as it was seriously infected and had to be pulled.

boobie comfort, best sleep aid don'tcha know.

Ruth crashed next to her Grandma while dinner cooked

lost tooth...don't he look like a redneck hillbilly... LOL

ceasar walking

little girl lifting a dog who weighs a little more then she does

see the smile, he likes it.

enjoying his belly rub

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