Friday, August 17, 2012

{Proud of my size: Week 6}

It's that time of the week again!! I love the shirt I am wearing today. It's fun and flirty and has ruffles! My hair dryer went ca-put so I had to wing it with air dried hair. This lovely broach I got at a lovely antique store. It's an 1960's Avon perfume holder but I cleaned out all that gunk and will put a picture of my family in it. 

I am really enjoying these weekly self love posts. I beginning to really love parts of my body that I haven't before - like my arms and thighs. Plus I am striving to find new ways to wear my clothing from all the other gals who participate in this link up. I am realizing I need more belts and more variety of color in my shoes.

Oh ya and I am finding I have more confidence and don't care so much what others think and I know it's having a positive impact on my kids because instead of constantly talking negatively about myself and being more positive my kids are being more positive about themselves and I am loving that. I didn't realize I had such an impact on them in regards to how they see themselves or me. 

I am glad that I am now having a positive impact, especially on my girls. when it comes to loving your body because I don't want them to struggle with self love and I don't want them to hate themselves just because they are not what society thinks is beautiful. I want them to know they are beautiful!

Thank you, Rachele and everyone else who participates, because of your confidence I have found mine and found out how FABULOUS I really am!
shirt/cami: Lane Bryant
jeans: lane bryant
shoes: payless shoes
necklace: hand made gift
owl broach: Thrifted


  1. The third pose is absolutely fantabulous! Love you are gaining confidence and spreading it around!

  2. i love those shoes. :) and the owl.


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