Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Tormented Kitties}

I feel bad for my two cats sometimes but then again I remember they are fast and if they didn't want to be caught they would just run away.

Case in point - Hubby likes to grab Toby and give him some "rough love" basically hold him and love him and keep him for his very own - ya know like Elmyra from Tiny Toons.

Of course Toby wasn't having it but only growled and hissed - which is good for him because normally he uses his claws to try and get away from William.

I'm going to love you and hug you and keep you for my very own - ((evil chuckle))

Toby is pissed and looking daggers at me for letting it happen

And then there is Myrna with Sorry - she just loves to torment her and gets upset if she can't catch her, in which case daddy will help her catch Sorry. 

This time Myrna found Sorry's nose and gave her some love kisses and tried to pull her closer but only proceeded in choking her. But it doesn't last long because I usually let it last about 10 minuets and then Myrna has to "let Sorry out to go potty" and Sorry darts out the front door like a bat outta hell.

Sorry has a nose

Mmmmm let me kiss you, hold still!

pretend sleeping - it's how she copes

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