Wednesday, October 15, 2008

{Here in New Plymouth}

So our packing went somewhat smoothly - we got alot of help to load our crap into the uhaul. We left to go on our trip a bit later then we would have liked but it was ok because soon the kids were sleeping and snoring and William and I got to talk about different things on our very loooong trip to Idaho.

We got to my uncle's house in New Plymouth (it's actually on the outskirts of New Plymouth - really closer to Fruitland then anything) around 2:30 AM. We got the kids all asleep in their room and took a bit of a nap really until about 7 AM and then called the church members here to help unload the uhaul into our storage unit.

My dad, Barry, helped us too and soon it was done and the uhaul was taken to a family friends uhaul biz and we went back to my uncles where I made some dinner while my dad wore out the kids by chasing and playing with them out in the BIG yard.

Soon it was Sunday and My mom had to go back home. (thank you mom for driving the uhaul so I wouldn't have to make 2 trips!) I took her to my aunts home first so that she could show her the pictures that I took of her and mom when she was down the month before. then off to the airport where she took a plane and flew back home.

Monday I went to get the kids registered at their new school, which I thought was in New Plymouth and after going there HATED it and wasn't going to take them there, but later in the afternoon I got a call from the New Plymouth school saying we were not in their school boundaries and that the kids were to go to Fruitland Elementary instead. Thank GOODNESS!! It's a waaay better school and will benefit the kids much better. The Fruitland school has a uniform code and so I went and bought the clothes they needed for school along with a long list of school supplies too. They started their first day of school Today (Wednesday).

William and Clay talked on a ride to get some more milk at Wal-Mart and so now we are going to stay here thru the end of the school year to save money. We will take over the payments (which is really cheap!) and Clay will move out to his travel trailer. Once the summer gets here we will decide what to do next - stay here another school year or move closer to Nampa/Caldwell.

I have yet to crack out my camera - poor thing I am sure thinks I am neglecting it but soon I will crack it out to get a family picture of the kids and us for our "Moved" postcard that I will send out to everyone.

Keep you all posted on what's happening next!

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  1. I'm happy things are working out for you there. I hope things go well. I tagged you on my blog. I had to look up New Plymouth on Google. This is a scary time, I'm glad you are with family.


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