Wednesday, October 22, 2008

{What the Duck!}

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I love to read comics and of course I love to read What the Duck! because it's about photographers. This one really touched home for me because as a photographer I sometimes forget to just see the memory captured and only see the of course this is appropriate to keep reminding me to see the image as it is and not how much better it could be...enjoy!


  1. I think you're right - anytime "light" comes into our life, it comes from one Source. Anything that reminds us of that is a blessing. Hope things are going good for you there. I believe that everything happens because the Lord wants to bless us. WE, with our limited vision, can't always see the logic while we are in the "trenches." But life has taught me that the Lord can turn the absolutely worst situation into a blessing and a chance to be closer to Him - if we truly love Him and believe that to be true. It looks like you are in a pretty place, with great chances for your children. They are getting to do things they never could have in Oregon. I hope things are good with you. I worry when you don't post. I'll keep you our prayers.

  2. So true!! Thanks for the reminder!


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