Tuesday, October 28, 2008

{Some Finds while perusing some blogs}

I love to read blogs and hop from blog to blog - getting my much needed "Mommy" time. I always come across some of the most fun and interesting crafts, sayings and lives. I have a nice little stash of things I am going to try for different holiday's next year if they have already past and will try for those that haven't past this year. Below are two really great ideas - if you take a look you'll see why.

Stolloween created these fun and creatively ghoolish pumpkins out of papermache.
(image created by Stolloweenphoto)

and you have to check out these mini carmel apples that Sakurako Kitsa made. They are just too cute for words and would be the delight of anyone at your next party!

(image created by Sakurako Kista)

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