Tuesday, October 28, 2008

{Tagged Again: Quirks}

Paula tagged me.

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1. I do not like it when people read over my shoulder or invade my personal space. It drives me nuts and I become a bit of a crazy woman when telling them to "back off".

2. I hate driving. I used to enjoy it but now I feel like a chauffeur and dread getting behind the wheel - I avoid it at all costs - but will drive if I have to.

3. I like the holiday season but rarely decorate for it - except for Christmas because I have decorations for Christmas and not the other holiday's. One day I will have to rectify the situation.

4. I am not a perfect mom or wife but I am trying to get better - although I will never be a "suzy homemaker" or a "martha stewart" wan-a-be.

5. I don't like to swim in natural water (ie: rivers, streams, lakes, oceans) because I have watched the following movies: JAWS & PIRANHA and worry that some ungodly creature will attack me. (very irrational I know)

6. I don't like port-a-potties because I watched a horror movie where a ghoolie was waiting in the "hole" and when an unexpecting patron went in to do his business he got killed from the bottom up.

I've tagged YOU: Carla, Heather, Robin, Jason,Tanis & Robbie

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