Sunday, October 26, 2008

{Rough Day}

Ruth and I got ready to head out to church - it was going to be our first Sunday at our new ward and I wanted to get all my info into the ward clerk/secretary so that I could access the stake website. The boys were not cooperating at all and since William doesn't like to go to church with me anymore I have to go with the kids by myself. Normally not a problem but they were in a foul mood and I just wasn't in the mood to deal with it today, so Ruth and I went by ourselves.

It must have been Stake or Ward Conference because the parking lot was EMPTY and void of all life. So instead we went to Wal-mart to pick up more milk and just enjoy each others company. On a side note - William and the kids go thru at least one gallon of milk per day - some days even more...I am going Milk broke! lol

Once we got back home the kids were playing outside with Shelbee. While they were busy I decided to throw some corn dogs into the oven for them for when they got hungry after playing so hard. William brought Shelbee in shortly after the kids had their corn dogs and low and behold one of the kids didn't close the door and she got out - AGAIN! This was the last straw for me - I am going to be taking Shelbee back to the family we got her from because she doesn't come when called and darts in and out of the road and I am afraid she will get hit by a car. She really is a good dog but I can't have a dog that runs away all the time.

William is hopeful we will find the right dog for us - I am not so hopeful - but we will see. So tomorrow I am taking her back and the kids are all upset about it - but really it's the right thing for her - I would just feel awful if she got turned into road kill because she won't listen.

Well I better go - I need to figure out what is for dinner and hopefully next Sunday the church won't be so empty and someone will be there.

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