Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{Cravings, Nausea & Sore Boobs, OH MY!}


So I am 6 weeks pregnant today. Over the past week I have had my hip hurt like someone was stabbing me and twisting in my hip socket when I walked, sat, laid down or moved in general. It only lasted 2 days but with the nausea that flows in and out throughout the day, it was not pretty.

My boobs are starting to swell a bit and are becoming so sore, I know TMI (too much info) but it's true and this is my blog about me and what I am going thru. It has become painful to wear my bra, due to nipple sensitivity. I think I am going to have to go bra shopping again (I just got 4 NEW bras last month!).

My cravings the past week have been under control and not too outrageous until these last 3 days. I have been craving not so healthy things. What you ask? Well lets see, when it started I absolutely had to have a cupcake with cream cheese frosting (real healthy, right!), I didn't indulge that craving, well I tried to sooth it with a handful of chocolate chips and was very disappointed. Yesterday I was craving a polish dog from Costco and because I didn't want to drive that far I figured Dairy Queen's hot dogs would do the trick. Well I was wrong and ended up sicker then sick due to it not settling well.

What I gleaned from my odd and radically different cravings is that this baby is going to be soo different from my other pregnancies when it comes to cravings. With Aaron I craved salads, chicken, water & lots of fresh fruit. With Sam I craved DQ blizzards, (chocolate chip cookie dough without the chocolate syrup). With Ruth I craved oranges, peanutbutter & water.

My nausea is different too. With the boys I only had it during my 3rd month and then only for that month & with Ruth I had it off and on and it always ended in me laying with my arms wrapped around the toilet seat while trying not to get my hair in the bowl as I threw up my latest meal. This pregnancy I am nauseated off and on and it comes in waves and I get dizzy when it hits. I am hoping it passes soon because it's so much worse then tossing my cookies.

I have been really tired, more so then normal and have been taking cat naps. I hate that my body is betraying me and making me take these naps. Doesn't it know I have a sink full of dishes and laundry to do? I know I need rest but sleeping most of the day away with cat naps every time I sit down is crazy. I asked hubby to make sure I don't fall asleep today because I want to get stuff done that needs tending to.

With all my "whining" I am grateful I do have these symptoms, as hubby says "Every one of them tells me I am pregnant and that the babe is still growing inside me" and then he follows it with "quit your whining!" (big smile on his face when he says it though!)

I am really happy and have good feelings that this little one is going to hold tight and stay with me for the long 40 weeks! I have an ultra sound at my first "official" doctor's visit at the end of the month. I will be about 7.5 weeks then and they are hoping to see the heartbeat! I am really looking forward to that!


  1. Congratulations!!! Pregnancy is the greatest!!! and what....I thought cupcakes were listed on the food pyramid...

    Have a wonderful time....

  2. Lol! Loved your warning up top. I am glad everything is going normal with your pregnancy. My sympathies are with you. I hope you start feeling better in your 2nd trimester...2nd trimester isn't that a lovely phrase : )

  3. Hope you are feeling better Ayra. Be blessed. Cindy

  4. Sounds good-even the nausea! That's a tough phase, I feel for ya. Sometimes getting a lemon and zesting the peel and smelling it can help with the nausea. Sounds weird, I know!


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