Tuesday, March 2, 2010

{half a mile}

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I walked half a mile today! While it was only on my treadmill I am still proud of myself. By the end of the week I hope to make it to a full mile!

Because I am potentially pregnant, (I have had 6 positive pregnancy tests to say that I am but waiting to hear back on the HGC blood count), I am going to work on being healthy and getting into better shape for labor. If I am pregnant I am sure I will be restricted on how much I can gain with this pregnancy because of my weight.

SOOOoooooo, I am going to be walking the treadmill everyday and once I feel comfortable and the weather continues to be good I will also be taking walks with William & the kids (the walks with them won't be as exerting because they walk slow, but they will be fun). I am also working on cutting out most prepackaged foods & excess sugar from our diet (we don't have much sugar in our diet as it is). I am trying to incorporate more FRESH fruits & vegi's into our meals as well as making all our meals from scratch so that I know what is going into our meals. If I do buy prepackaged foods, I am checking the label to make sure that the sugar and sodium levels are the lowest they can be.

I am reminding myself that I am making a lifestyle change and not doing a diet. I don't want to get diabetes or other health complications due to my weight. Diabetes run on both sides of my family, which means I am predisposed to getting it. I am also going to try not to eat anything past 8 at night. We eat dinner between 5 & 6 so this should not be a problem and that will also let me get a small snack in before bed time. I am also going to try and get into bed by 11 pm every night. I need more sleep and have a better night time routine.

So this is a good start to my weight loss goals. I know I won't hit them all at once but as long as I am getting healthy I am going to be so excited. I want to feel better about me and give the little life inside me the best opportunity while in the womb (like his brothers & sister had).

I will be weighing in on Friday! I wonder if I will have lost anything? I hope I have. I really have been working hard so far this week.


  1. Pregnant?? how fun. did you know I had 5 kids. Loved them all and I was lucky as all my pregnancies were easy.

    It is good for all of us to get in shape. I can hardly wait to get walking outside again. I much prefer that over the treadmill or stationary bike.
    I like actually "getting somewhere" when I walk.

    and eating right...that's a whole 'nother story eh.


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