Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{Yummy Tea's}

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I love shopping at the Grocery Outlet and when I took my dad & step mom to the one in Boise I found these tea's for a really great price. Just so you know I bought these because I wanted the tin's and didn't care if the tea was any good but so far the acaiberry & coconut chai teas have been delish! I love all sorts of teas and since being preggers I find my tummy doesn't handle things as well and these teas don't upset my tummy and they are really yummy!

I think you can get these tea's at most any store but I did find an online store that carries this brand of tea and for a very reasonable price too. Just click HERE to see the online store. They have samplers (which is what I have, the sampler comes with 4 different teas and each section holds 4 pouches for each tea). I really love how cool the satchels look too, they are organic and biodegradable and have no metal what so ever in them, (which means if you wanted you could heat them in the microwave with your cup of water).

Anywho, just thought I would share my favorite find this month. I am defiantly getting more, now the container is the bonus instead of the other way around like I originally thought.

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