Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{Warning: RANT in progress!}


I am getting frustrated with this whole house buying process - seriously, if you don't wanna do the work let us off the hook so we can get our ernest money back so that we can find another house! As it is if that happens we are going to be out money for inspections and appraisal - we don't want to add another earnest money to what we will be out too!!

I am frustrated with IDVA! They said this was going to be easy to set up homeschool for my kids and I would get all the help I would possibly need to get it going smoothly and here I am with 5 boxes of curriculum (2 for Aaron and 3 for Sam) and a computer to set up and NO ONE will answer my emails or return my phone calls - yet I am getting the random calls "Welcoming" me but none of them can help me as they are just paid to annoy me with "Welcome" calls!

Aaron is supposed to do an outside art class and I still have no idea where or when it's supposed to be - I guess they think I am a mind reader and will just show up where ever.  I am getting to the point I just want to send it all back and see if I can get the kids into a charter or public school (I am not liking the idea of public school though). 2 weeks isn't enough time to get this all figured out! I wanted at least another week but I suppose that just isn't going to happen.

Oh and today is the start of my 3rd trimester. Only good thing about today...

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