Friday, August 27, 2010

{Weight Loss Weigh in: Week 26}

Nothing big happened this week, unless you count getting my RH shot from the doc. My eating habits have been much better this week and I am not feeling as stressed out, (which is a good thing).

I haven't gained any weight and baby is moving good. I have been hurting a lot more though. If it's not my hips, it's my back. If it's not the back it's my head and then it rotates around the body and I become miserable (mostly at night) and have I mentioned my swollen ankles (more like cankles now).

I am looking forward to MJ being here so I can get my body back to normal (as in feeling normal and not in constant pain).

Below is my progress or really lack their of:

Current Weight: 293 pounds

Weight loss/gain: 0 pounds

Total Weight loss: 12 pounds 

Weight still to lose: 56 pounds to go

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  1. I always had to get an RH shot too. I always wondered if they were using a square needle or something---ouch! I swear pregnancy just gets harder as we get older. I know you're still younger than I was with my last one, but it really takes a toll on us. It's always worth it in the end. And I can totally relate to the cankles!


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