Friday, December 10, 2010

{Before & Afters}

These are before and after images of the family pictures I did for myself and a couple friends this past month (you may have seen the sneak peeks HERE, HERE & HERE).

I have been reluctant to pick up my camera for clients over the past year and wanted to not only get a new family picture for my walls (which are bare) but to get back in the saddle and do family pictures for a few of my friends who haven't had recent pictures done in a long while, hoping that it will drag me out of the "reluctant" pit I seem to have myself in.

I think it worked because I am really looking to put my energy back into my business. I wanted to share with you that my clients images don't always come out of my camera looking AWESOME most of the time they need a bit of work.

Mind you that most of the family pictures shown on my personal blog don't get much editing if any and only get a quick crop & resize for the web but the images of my clients are edited.

This next year I am going to be doing some great specials for Families, Seniors & Weddings so that I can get my groove back and put full focus onto my business.

Anywho, enjoy the before and afters!




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