Thursday, December 30, 2010

{New Year, New Goals}

I have many goals for 2011 but first lets look at how I did with my goals for 2010:

1. Lose weight (60 pounds at least over the course of the year!) I lost 28.5 lbs in 2010, which is really good considering I had 3 miscarriages and had a perfectly healthy little girl.

2. Start sewing 
(buy a sewing machine) I bought a sewing machine and sewed up some burp rags but that's about it

3. Get to know the people in our new ward
I never really got to know anyone in the Caldwell ward but I have met some great people in the Nampa ward that I am in.

4. Prepare myself to home school the kids for the school year 2010-2011
I tried to do this but between buying a house and having a baby I just couldn't cut it and ended up putting the kids back into regular school.

5. Start baking bread on a more regular basis 
(simple I know, but it's been hard to get back into the routine) I made bread off and on during 2010 and ended up doing more cupcakes/cakes then anything.

6. Create a more realistic schedule and stick to it
 I still have to work on this one, but I am getting closer to having a realistic schedule.

7. Have "Date Night" with hubby again, 
(should be easier since Gary & Sarah are with us, they have offered to watch the kids - at least once every 2 weeks) this never happened and will have to become a priority for me this year.

8. Do more crafts with the kids, 
(at least once a week) this didn't happen either, I mean we did some crafts but not like I wanted and not on a regular basis.

9. Get pregnant 
(if possible, more blood work needed) Got pregnant, had a couple miscarriages but carried the last pregnancy (#9) until MJ was born and then got "fixed" because I am sooo done.

10. Go thru every box and either toss what's inside or find the contents a home 
(I don't want boxes laying around the house that never get gone thru) This did happen at the house in Caldwell but now I need to do it again with the boxes in our new house.

11. Be happy & content with who I am, 
(even if that person never has another baby or loses the weight) I am happier but I could be more content with who I am. This is an ongoing goal for my life.

Now onto my goals for 2011:
{2011 GOALS}

1. Lose 42 lbs bringing my weight down to 234 lbs. To complete this goal will require drinking lots more water, walking 30-60 min per day and doing some other workout routine throughout the week. Post weekly on my blog and  constantly check in with those who are doing it with me so that I stay accountable.

2. Become more Domestic. This will involve cooking more meals at home and making a chore chart for not only myself but for the kids too.

3. Do more crafts with the kids. This involves setting aside one day during the week to do one craft no matter how much time it takes to do it. This is important bonding time.

4. Spend less time in front of the TV. I will be turning off the TV during the day and working more on DOING things with my family. The TV is not our world!

5. Take a photo a day.  I need to get back "in Love" with my camera and just take pictures for the love of it, not because I have to or because I am being paid to, but because I want to capture a memory. This will require one picture every day for 365 days.

6. Get all our debt paid off. This will require a "rice and beans" attitude and I will need to become better at using coupons. We only have our car and two student loans.

7. Go to Reunion this year. This will require saving up for it and planning.

8. Make a trip to see Family. This will require saving up money and marking a date on the calendar so that we know when we are going and know how long we will have to save.

9. Become my husbands "Girlfriend". Make time for him and start doing "date nights" once a month and try to do things that make him happy. I want our relationship to flourish and not diminish and in order to do that I need to work not only on my wife-y duties but remember to treat him like I did when we were dating.

10. Be Happy.


  1. good for you for setting goals, and they are realistic ones too! Dave Ramsey has a chore chart that incorporates work ethic and money mgmt for kids. Good stuff! I'll be watching your progress, not to judge but to be inspired.


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