Friday, February 4, 2011

{2011 Weigh In: Week 5}

I can't believe it's week 5 already! Time sure has flown by and I have stumbled and failed many times over those 5 weeks but always got back up and tried again. Each day is fresh and new and we can make them anything we want, right?

This week was the end and the beginning, not only because of the end and begin of months but the end of very little exercise and the beginning of new active me!

I joined the YMCA on the first of February and the reason I choose them over the many other option I had, and believe me I had lots and all wanting me (so they said), was because they were family friendly and had options for my WHOLE family not just for me and they had pricing on their website and were so upfront about how much everything was going to cost and I didn't have to sign a contract. Even before joining they made me feel welcomed and made my family feel welcomed!

So now while I work out, my kids can go to activity rooms/child care, where they get to play and have fun and get just as much out of the experience as me. They can be in the pool with us because they have an awesome pool area that not only caters to what William and I need but for what my kids need too!! And have I mentioned how great their customer service is?? Well it is, and it's not just lip service like I got at the other gyms but they were genuinely happy to help me and my family if we had any questions. It's been a great delight to come and use the facilities whenever we want (during their business hours of course) and it's the best gym experience I have ever had!!

My eating has been pretty good, stumbled a bit here and there but it got right back on track, I have been using the "My Fitness Pal" and it's been a great support for me along with Angie's "Healthy Me" blog. I use the my fitness pal to help me keep track of what I eat and how much I eat so I can adjust my eating to what it should be (been doing it on my own but it helps to see it on paper, which I have never done).

I am happy to be moving again and feel motivated to keep it up not only for me but for my whole family. Sure, eating healthy helped me lose 25-30 pounds but I have just been stalled and in just the few times going to the "Y" I have lost inches around my waist and that is a big deal to me!! I went swimming with hubby and I did 9 laps (to one end and back was 1 lap) and I felt the burn but it felt so good to be out doing rather then sitting on my butt!

I went to Target to get some more workout clothes, mind you I shop the plus section and they have most of the women's plus stuff sized 1 (16/18), 2 (20/22), 3 (24/26) & 4 (28/30) now.  Well the yoga pants I got BEFORE I was pregnant were size 4's and after having MJ I was in a size 3 and when I went to get another couple pairs because the 3's were too big for working out I found I am now in a size 2 and they don't hug me (I hate when clothes are too snug fitting on me - show too much of what I want to hide)!!

I have also noticed that the jeans I had before I got pregnant are huge on me & even the jeans I bought after having MJ are now too big and they are size 24's. All the skirts I have are size 26 and they are all too big too!

(image found here)

Anywho, on to the measurements and the weigh in:

Week 2 weigh in: 280.5 pounds

Week 3 weigh in: 275.5 pounds

Week 4 weigh in: 273.5 pounds

Week 5 weigh in: 273.5 pounds

total weight loss/gain: - 7 pounds lost since week 1

 now for the measurements:

NOW (this week)    -    BEFORE (last week)

49" Bust 49" (same)

55" Hips 57" ( - 2")

46" Waist 48" ( - 2")

16" Arm 16" (same)


  1. Good job! I think how your clothes fit can tell more than weight and measurements. You can be losing fat and gaining muscles but staying the same weight, yet your clothes will fit better.

  2. You are doing so well, and how nice to find a gym that is not trying to rip you off..
    Keep it up xx


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