Sunday, February 13, 2011

{Happy Valentines Day}

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Here I am writing this while MJ sleeps as do the rest of the kiddo's but I know that the boys will be staying home due to sickness and I will need to make sure that the valentines the boys worked so hard to make will get distributed tomorrow without them being there.

I swear this crud the boys brought home is a pain in my rear end! Sam got it first, now Aaron has it and I have been feeling achy and more tired then normal and I have a sick sense that soon Ruth will come down with  it too, (why did I think it was a good idea to have so many kids all at once?).

Anywho, enough about that, check out the cute and wonderful valentines my kids made today when they were feeling a bit more upity - they only had 2 requirements from me for these 1) make sure it has at least one heart 2) make sure you put some sort of border around it - and I would scan it and make it the right size for them to make cards with for their homemade valentines:

Happy Valentine's Day From Aaron

Happy Valentine's Day from Sam
Happy Valentine's Day from Ruth
I am getting these made into magnets along with the image below for our fridge because I want a constant reminder of how awesome my kids are and how much I love them (really I don't need a reminder so much as I need more magnets and why not have ones that showcase my family and their artwork?).
I am working on doing a water color of this for my wall but until then this one will work for my fridge!

As a side note, (been having alot of those in this supposed valentine post), I am working on getting stuff out of my house and into the basement and rearranging things so I am not looking at boxes of things I still haven't found places for (especially my laundry/mud/pantry room). I need to make room for family that may come this month and a chest freezer next month and other items that I need to get to relieve myself of crazy boxes.

We wanted to downsize and I am glad we got the home we did but I didn't downsize enough and I am struggling with what I am willing to let go of and how creative I can get when it comes to storing items I want to keep but haven't figured out where to put yet. Who knew downsizing would be so chaotic!

Anywho, I hope you all have a super HAPPY VALENTINES DAY tomorrow and give those you love a little extra love and attention and remember to carry the love with you through out the year because you just never realize how short our time really is here until it's too late. 

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