Saturday, February 12, 2011

{Revamps & Great Finds}

I don't like to spend a whole lot on things - I am the "Queen of Cheap" according to my husband - but love to have things that have personality and style and look like they may have cost alot.

I have been looking for a console/hall table thing for my livingroom to house the game systems and all the various games and try to get some of the horrible looking cords out of the way. I scoured craigslist and finally found something that would work and right before I called it was gone *sigh*, so off to the local thrift stores I went *hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the stores I go* 

I went to several and the last one I went to had exactly what I was looking for, I got him to drop the price from $20 down to $15 because it needs some work (like peeling top & missing knobs). So behold one of my project for this summer:

(ignore my messy home)

(notice the retro tower off to the side? It's got a 3.5 floppy drive)

A few weeks back I picked up a mirror from out of my Uncle's storage unit, it was a flashback to the late 60's early 70's and it's made from some cheap plastic for the frame but with a bit of spray paint & some dry brushing it's got some flair. Take a look at it now:

(super fun and exciting now)
At another thrift store I found a couple prints by Danny O'Connor for $8.50 per framed print and I must say I  got a great deal considering they are just prints of his original work and framed which would run $140-500 each print. They bring a nice pop of color to the kid area in my livingroom.

(Danny O. prints of his original collages)
I have lots of things I want to finish up this summer, the dresser/sofa table above, my desk & dresser in my room all need to be refinished this summer - I am really looking forward to my various projects! It's going to be a great summer!


  1. Love all your finds! I like to see how others fix up things that don't look like much, and make them look fabulous. Very inspiring.

  2. i love that cupboard too! Massive potential. I cant wait to see what you do to it. :)


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