Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{My sick Girls}

My girls are resting...Ruth had a 104.3° temperature this morning - got it down to 101° and got an appointment for her tomorrow (it's the soonest they could squeeze her in - which is right before MJ's 4 month check up)...snapped a couple pictures of them sleeping with me on the couch w/my cell phone.

MJ is sleeping on the "boppy" on me as Ruth sleeps at the other side of the couch w/Sorry in between

MJ has a slight fever but keeping it in check w/the tylenol and keeping her head propped up so she can breath easier - poor girl is soo congested.

Ruth propped herself up w/her special sick pillow (a body pillow folded in half) with her special blanket and Sorry at her feet...


  1. I'm so sorry your babes are sick and am hoping for a quick recovery. I did get the flu shot on my last day in the hospital (had my appendix out in the middle of Jan.), had a slight reaction, but hope not to get it!
    Take care!

  2. Oh, I hope you all feel better soon. Kick that nasty bug out of there.


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