Saturday, November 19, 2011

{Easy Stockings}

This is a fun crafting project and it's super easy too! You can make your own stocking with scraps of felt or fabric (there are lots of free patterns online) or you can do like I did and use pre-made stockings.

I found some stockings a few years ago for less then a dollar a piece during an after Christmas sale and I got a few extra because at the time we were trying to have a baby.  I took everyone to the store and let them each choose what their letter was going to be for the top of their stocking. I made sure they choose letters that were the "iron-on" kind so no sewing involved in this so far. 

Last year after Myrna was born my mother in law sent us stockings with beautiful cross stitched snowmen and our names. I wasn't too fond of the stockings she choose to attached her stunning work to, so I took the cross stitch piece off and took black ribbon and some of "Aleene's Fabric Fusion" fabric glue and trimmed the edges and then used that same glue to attached them to the stockings this year.

I love how each stocking is different yet they all have a consistency to them that makes them the same. This craft can be as simple or as hard as you want and even little kids can do this (with the exception of using the iron)

What I used to create this craft is: 
(you can make the stocking as interesting as you want using other craft items such as bells, buttons, glitter, ribbon and anything else you can think of)

• Stocking (store bought or home made)

• Iron-on letters (you can find these in the fabric department of most stores that carry fabric - even walmart has them)

• fabric glue (I used Aleene's fabric fusion because once dry it's permanent)

• Cross stitch image or an iron-on transfer image or even a fabric image

• Iron

I still need to get an iron-on "M" at the top of Myrna's 

I love how each cross stitch is different and fits the person whose name is on it.

my MIL sure did a beautiful job on these adorable cross stitch name pictures

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  1. Lovely! A nice tribute to her work...saving the best of what she did...very nice!


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