Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Happy Halloween}

I helped William with his Halloween party for his group the TVGamers at a local game store. It was tons of fun and even though we wished there was a bigger turn out everyone seemed to have tons of fun.

I did take the kids to my dad's for a quick "trick or treat" and the kids were greeted by their grandma Kitty dressed up as a baby...they loved it!

Here are just a few quick snaps of the evening.

Aaron as a vampire version of James Bond

William as the Demon

Grandma Kitty all Babied up for the kids "trick or treat"

Josh as "The Dude"

I love how Myrna is looking at Aaron, it's priceless!

Chrissie got "Dice Shot" instead of buck

Myrna was so tired but fought falling asleep the whole night


William and the girls!

Tim as "Dexter"

Joseph as "The Mad Hatter"

This was the shop owners wife, her and her girls were fairies

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