Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{In progress}

I still have 2 more fairies to do to complete the six fairies that I am going to make to hang from the ceiling during Ruth's birthday party next month but I did get four somewhat done, (they still need hair, wings and tutus but they are painted and varnished).

I think with each new creation I get a little better and more comfortable with my work. I love to create art with photographs, watercolors, charcoal and many other art mediums but never had the time or desire to work in clay and now I am wondering why that is because this project has really pushed forth my creativity like nothing else has.

I am becoming more confidant in my clay work and I am relishing this new found freedom that the clay allows for.

I took the below images with my workhorse and will do more detailed images with my big girl camera once I have them completed.

This is the first "teacup" fairy I did

This is my 3rd "teacup"

This was my 2nd "teacup"

and this lovely is the 4th "teacup" I sculpted

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