Saturday, November 12, 2011

{New Glasses}

My old pair of glasses had one of the ear peices break off and when glued back together it wasn't fitting the same way and the non-broke side kept pulling the broke side into my eye lashes so needless to say I had to get new glasses (I even tried to use my "back up" pair aka my even older glasses but the reason I replaced those ones was because the coating was peeling off making it hard to see out of them)....

I was hoping that these glasses would last until December or January but no such luck. I headed into eyemart express and got a new prescription and one new pair of glasses (they got 'em done in a little less then an hour). The longest part of the whole ordeal was waiting to get my eyes checked and waiting in a long line to pick up my glasses.

Ruth wanted me to get pink frames because they would "always" be pretty on me and help me look beautiful. She was disappointed when I got basic black frames again - I am so boring! Below is a picture of my broke glasses (aka before) and my new ones (aka after).

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