Monday, November 7, 2011

{Mom Visit: Take One}

My Mom surprised me by coming a day early and it was so nice to have her here! She stayed that night and the next day she checked into a hotel because she and Jeanie were going to hang out together.

I bought 4 long sleeve onsie's before mom went to go hang out with Jeanie and dyed them different colors and added monsters to them. 3 of them were for Myrna and the last one I dyed green and added a cute little monster for my nephew Noah. You will see pictures thru out the posts from my mom's visit of the ones I did for Myrna. I forgot to take a picture of the one I did for Noah...

That night we had a big family get together with Clay, my dad Barry and his wife Kitty along with Jeanie and of course my little brood. We ate at a nice chinese buffet called Jade Garden. They always keep the food hot and they keep the food full on the buffet.

Mom and I passed the camera back and forth to get different angles of everyone, even me! It was nice to have a big family gathering, everyone had fun and got to catch up with one another. It was a good evening.

Myrna in her new monster onsie!

Sam always smiles for the camera, I love it!

Myrna now drinks from a straw! How awesome is that!

Daddy does have to hold the glass or she would dump it all over her

Kitty, my dad & Clay

My Aunt Jeanie and Ruth, they are the best of friends

My Mom and Sam...he kept closing his eyes so mom helped him keep them open

all they need is a pitchfork 

My dad is such a ham...which makes him a great grandpa!

My Mom (aka Nana) and My Step-mom Kitty (aka Grandma)

Clay, Jeanie and my Mom - Brother and sisters

Jeanie was so happy to have her brother and sister visit her!

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