Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Mom Visit: Take Two}

The next day Mom, Jeanie, Ruth, Myrna and I had a girls day out while William stayed at home and played some Starwars with his buddies and the boys went to boy scouts.

The girls and I went to several stores but our favorites were the second hand stores and let me tell you we scored on some lovely items. It was a great girls day out!

Afterwards I found a washer and dryer set to replace my old one that is giving me trouble. It's amazing how much better life is when you have a working washer and dryer!

Myrna's green monster onsie

William and his buddies getting ready to play some Star Wars RPG

Myrna trying to decide what she wants for lunch

Girls day out!

Trying to get everyone in the picture but my arms are not long enough, missing MJ and Jeanie

Myrna playing with an ice cube and a cup - who needs fancy toys when you have this!

Dad and his bird - he has 4 cocktails and a yellow bird

This is one of the babies that his mating pair hatched out

Myrna loves her grandpa

Jeanie and Kitty

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