Saturday, March 17, 2012

{Happy Birthday Sam!}

So here I am weeks after we celebrated Sam's birthday and I am just now getting around to posting the few pictures I took and the little video of how we surprised Sam. You see he thought he was going to celebrate his birthday on his actual birthday but we had everyone over on Saturday so we decided to have a little surprise party just for him, ya know spice it

I ordered a special "Tardis" Cake from Albertsons, (because I was too lazy to make the cake myself), they did an AMAZING job and it tasted good like always! and we hid the birthday presents and the cake away until it was after lunch...Sam didn't expect a thing!

It turned out great! Sam opened his presents after cake and ice cream and loved all the "doctor" related items he got and his favorite was the Tardis T-Shirt Nana & Papa sent him. Although the 3 outfits for the 9th,10th and 11th  doctor from Mommy and Daddy came in second!

Thanks Nana &Papa!!

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