Monday, March 12, 2012

{Roof Re-Do}

When we bought our house we knew the roof was going to need to be replaced and because the house was built in 1920 there was added cost to put the plywood down over the slats that held the wood shingles on but with some savings and a nice return in our taxes we were able to get it done alot sooner then expected and had some guys come out over the weekend to get it done.

The before image is of the house when we first bought it and the after was from yesterday
The guys who did the roof work were clean and so nice and picked up after themselves!! The house looks great with the new roof and I am so pleased!

I am finding that being a home owner has it's good and bad points one of them being we have to shell out the money to get things replaced (like the roof) or fixed versus having a landlord do it but one of the positives is that we get to do what we want to our house like choosing the roof color! Now the next project to get done will be the bathroom downstairs will get a mini facelift and then the attic and then the roof over the laundry room will become a deck then we will see about getting a garage! Lots of projects to happen during the years to come!

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  1. i LOVE home projects - ours have been put on the back burner due to replacing a 20 year old furnace... boo..... anyways, we have been looking at the new metal roofing (ours has 100year old slate still on it that is in bad shape). yours looks great!


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