Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Interpur girl dish set}

You remember the bowl with the lovely face on it, right? Well I found the rest of her on after a friend told me that the set was made by Interpur a company based out of Korea. My bowl just said Korea so I really had no idea where to look.

BIG thanks to Kate for letting me know where to look!  I found that my little girl head is near impossible to find, (apparently blondes are rare), but there are little brunette girls and there are even boys and I saw a tea set with a granny on it. I am soooo going to start collecting these when and where I can.

So without further ado, check out my now complete girl dish set.


  1. How cute is that!!! I've never seen these before.... Are they vintage? If so, do you know the date?

  2. so glad you could find the rest of her... I did a little research after I emailed you and had a super hard time trying to locate a blonde set also. Nice job!!! (my mom has a little shop where she sells vintage dishes and other 'junk' as my husband says... we've never seen a whole set together though)

    She is really cute!


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