Thursday, July 10, 2008

{Another Loooong Week}

And it's not even over yet! How unfair is that! I just wish I had a breath to sit down and relax from all the things going on lately. Tomorrow we have to get up early (before 7 AM!!) to get William's military stuff into the car to turn in to the armory - I really wish they would have taken this stuff a LONG time ago but ya know the military never does anything I hope we will be done before lunch so we can hit a nice park for the kids on our way back. (fingers crossed)

I went visit teaching yesterday and no one was home - AGAIN. It's not a bother really and I do so enjoy the time with my companion on our drives. But it would just be nice to talk to those I am supposed to keep in touch with every month...especially since I don't get to church very often anymore. We are going to try again tomorrow evening to catch them. We'll see though. We do have the missionaries over every other week and it's been nice to have that contact but with this month being all crazy like we won't see them again for dinner until next month.

I am excited about how much space William's military stuff is going to free up in our little storage space on the deck - we can move some stuff out of our bedroom out there until we figure out what to do with it - which would be nice for sure. Some how our bedroom has become everyone's dumping grounds - old toys, clothes and such finds it way in there and not to mention all the stuff we still haven't found a place for yet....It would be nice to get our bedroom back to being just for us!

I am slowly but surely trying to organize my life. I got another 2 boxes gone out of our closet - most of it was stuff I ended up giving away to goodwill but it's stuff that isn't cluttering up much valued

I am getting more and more busy as the summer progresses with my photography business. I am really enjoying doing what I love to do. I have 3 photo gigs this month and a wedding and next month is filling up fast. It's been alot of fun for sure. I forgot how much I missed doing it.

The boys finally cleaned their room - now I can vacuum in there without worry of one of their toys braking it. Although that may be a good reason to get a Dyson vacuum! If only I could afford one - that would be soooo cool. But I am sure I would talk myself out of it even if I did have the money to get it for something William or the kids wanted/needed instead. I would rather they be happy and keep my old vacuum then feel guilt over getting something I don't really need.

Well I better go off to bed, I have too much to get ready for tomorrow before I finally head off to bead. Night all.

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