Sunday, July 27, 2008

{Positive Perspective: Day Three}


1. I had an uneventful drive over to lebanon/albany area for the wedding I was photographing.

2. I even got to lebanon a bit early and was able to chat with Melissa after dropping off the kids for her to watch. Thank you!!!

3. I found a cute black dressy shirt at walmart for $7

4. I was glad that my time spent in both lebanon and albany came into good use when there was road work being done on one of the roads.

5. I found the church without any problems

6. I had a great assistant today helping me photograph the wedding. He ROCKED!!

7. I had a blast photographing this beautiful couple.

8. I got some awesome shots in a tunnel today.

9. The bride & grooms family were so great and some of them reminded me of my own grandparents who have past on.

10. The maid of honor & twin sister of the bride gave a beautiful toast that had everyone in the room in tears.

11. I picked up the kids and had a safe trip home. I am beat and going to bed. Night all!!

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