Wednesday, July 30, 2008

{Positive Perspective: Day Six}


1. Sam and I had some snuggly time during quiet time.

2. Aaron showed me how to make his famous "jammed toast". (we are letting him "cook" with the toaster and microwave and he loves his new found freedom)

3. Ruth and I colored one of her pretty princess big color pages after lunch. (mostly scribbles but so much fun)

4. I got to talk with my good friend Carla. I found out she got a new vehicle. CONGRATS HON!!

5. I was able to get the images captured by my assistant, Curt today and he ROCKED the memories for my bride & groom!!

6. William and I enjoyed some good conversation about what will be coming up in our d&d game. ( I hope my character doesn't die)

7. We had a great dinner of taco salads tonight for dinner. The kids loved to create their own salad - each was different but all had chips and cheese on

8. It rained today!! I just love the smell that comes from a cleansing rain.

9. I saw a beautiful rainbow today - it started out small and grew quite wide with rows of colors - very stunning.

10. I got to talk with my mom. It's been a few days and it was good to hear her voice. Amazing how you can miss someone - even if you talked to them only 2 days ago. Love you MOM!!

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