Thursday, July 24, 2008

{Positive Perspective: Day One}

I have to start doing this again because I am starting to get super snippy and only seeing what is going wrong. I found this technique helpful in the past and really need to turn my glass half empty attitude into glass half full.


1. I am grateful that Ruth enjoys taking a bath - even if it means I fill the tub 6 or 7 times for her to only be in it for 5 min each time.

2. I am glad I went to the store yesterday so that I don't have to go again today and just stay inside and out of the cold. (yes I am cold - have been for days now)

3. I am happy to have a husband who cares about enough to pick up the toys and mess the kids have made so I wouldn't have to.

4. I am glad William takes out the garbage - it's a chore I detest and am glad I don't have to do it.

5. I am glad my computer desk is close to the window because I get to see the little birds flutter and chirp just above the eave where I am sure they have a newly built nest.

6. I am happy to have another photographer to assist me during the wedding I am photographing on Saturday. It's going to be so much fun.

7. I am grateful to have a talent that I can share with everyone and in return it helps supplement our income.

8. I am happy to have 3 beautiful children who challenge me to figure out new and unusual ways to solve problems. (some days I wish I didn't have so many to solve but that's parenthood)

9. I am so grateful to have a husband who knows when my limits have been reached and allows me to just emerse myself with music from my ipod shuffle and work on my photography business for an hour or so until my mood has shifted.

10. I am happy to say I have found a way to at least have one day a month away from the kids where I can be emersed in my photography with others who enjoy it and know the feeling of joy at the sound of a shutter clicking.

11. I am so happy to have cable back again for the summer. Not so happy with the bill each month but I am glad to have some of favorite channels back.

12. I am glad I was introduced to positive perspective so that I can change my own perspective when life seems to be a bit overwhelming.

I will continue to do this for 10 days or longer - but at least 10 for sure.

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