Tuesday, July 29, 2008

{Positive Perspective: Day Five}


1. I wasn't feeling well this morning and William kept the kids entertained while I got a bit more rest this morning. My hubby is just so sweet.

2. Ruth came in and slept with me while I got a bit more rest this morning. She cuddled all the way up close and wanted my arm around her to hold her tight to me.

3. I sorted thru the best images from my wedding on saturday. Tomorrow I will be able to edit them.

4. Aaron showed me his wonderful artwork that he had worked on during the morning and part of the afternoon. I just love his creativity.

5. Sam sat with me on the couch while I watched "Stargate: SG1". He enjoyed the aliens they encountered.

6. I enjoyed watching William draw up his "EVIL" characters for D&D. It's great to see him passionate about something again.

7. I got my brochures today and they ROCKED!

8. We found out about how long it's going to take to get William's retirement - not happy about the length that it can take but glad to know a time frame - sorta.

9. William emptied the dishwasher for me so I could load it with the dirty dishes. He knows I hate to unload it and I know he hates to load it. Don't we just make the perfect pair?

10. William and I had a good laugh about an episode of "Property Virgins". The couple looking for a place of their own were just too funny.


  1. Arya, just wanted you to know how much I appreciate that you are doing this...it has inspired me to do the same. Sometimes it seems I have to make an effort to see all the good in my life...but it's so easy to catalog the bad; I want to change that.

    Thanks for the fresh perspective!

  2. Why is it so hard to stay positive? The Lord tells us over and over again to "be of good cheer." He tells us to be grateful and express thankfulness in ALL things. But the grumpies and growlies keep coming out. Tom and I have been making an effort to recognize the "tender mercies" in our lives and acknowledge them. It helps so much. And it's so much easier to be around people who are positive. It feed energy instead of draining it away from you. Thanks for the reminder.


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