Friday, July 25, 2008

{Positive Perspective: Day Two}

Positive Perspective: Day Two

1. I got to sleep in this morning - which is a rarity lately.

2. I actually warmed up enough today to have my fan on because I was too warm.

3. I got to drive around enjoying hubby's company while the kids watched a movie as we drove around discovering new ways to get to portland.

4. We saw 2 policemen/woman with their horses in downtown portland.

5. Sam noticed that "The cops arrested a bad guy" while we drove past the "horse cops" as Aaron calls them.

6. was reminded of how soothing music can be and how useful it is to drown out the kids hissy fits when driving during rush hour.

7. I found out I have more patience then I thought I did today. Thank you kids.

8. I got a great deal on my favorite "mango salsa".

9. I am glad I know more places to get gas and groceries and other odds and ends besides the Fred Meyer. Adios Fred Meyer you lost a customer today.

10. Grateful that I have a great network of friends this weekend. Thank you Melissa for watching the kids while I photograph the wedding tomorrow!!

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