Sunday, November 2, 2008

{ER Visit}

So this morning was crazy - I forgot about the time change and when the kids started waking up and getting into things at 6 AM I was so upset they were waking me up waaay too early. (of course if the time hadn't of fallen back it would have been 7 am and I would have been ok with it - go figure). I rearranged the furniture in the livingroom since last night I got a new recliner and didn't want to fall over it to get to the bathroom. Now the livingroom is soo much more open and spacious. (the new recliner is photographed with our new dog "Paten" if you want to check it out)

This afternoon I told the kids to go outside and play because they were just driving me a bit batty. Aaron and Sam decided to climb up on the boat and of course Ruth followed and fell down and bonked her head on a rock. I thought her cries were just the regular "the boys are being me to me" cries until I heard the boys scream "mommy, mommy, oh my god Ruth are you ok??, mommy, mommy" I ran out the back door because that's where I heard Ruth's cries from and I heard the front door open as I scooped ruth up off the front porch - I saw blood on her arm and heard Aaron yell for me again. I wiped the blood off her arm and figured it was nothing then I felt liquid dripping and falling all down my arm I looked over her shoulder and saw what appeared to be a pool of blood falling from her head and onto my arm. I screamed for William to bring me a clean towel from the bathroom and asked Clay to take me to the ER since I have no idea where the hospitals are around here.

Freaked me out - but needless to say that my probably very expensive ER visit for a nurse to put soap in Ruth's hair and put a drop of antibiotic ointment on her very small puncture wound at the very center of a very large goose egg was the scariest thing.

Yes, the visit to get stitches for her was scary too but not like this because I didn't know where the hospital was - I am glad Clay was home. I don't know what I would have done if he wasn't home.

I did stop by Wal-mart and get Tylenol for Ruth. The whole time she was sleeping with her arms folded on the handle of the cart with her head down - bloody shirt and matted red spot showing and lots of horrible looks like I was a bad mom for going to the store to get milk while my child lays bleeding to death in the cart - unconscious no less.

Ruth is fine and dandy - her head hurts some but the tylenol is helping with that and she ate most of her dinner with the exceptions of her green beans. She was excited when she woke up to find that I had purchased some new PINK gloves and hat for her because the weather is getting waaay cold and she needed them. She wore them for the rest of the day.

The boys now know that there are REASONS for our insanity of telling them to not climb on the equipment, cars, boat, motorcycle, trailers and so on. They can get hurt but most of all RUTH can get hurt because she wants to be like them and isn't quite ready to do the same things they can.

So if you didn't notice I didn't make it to church today due to an ER visit - hopefully I can make it next week - I really want to go and I am a bit annoyed that I haven't made it yet. Last week the church was deserted and not a soul was around - I think it was stake conference and now this week I made my first trip to the ER in Ontario.

I am truly blessed that this happened when Clay was home and not when I was all alone and would have had to call 911 because I don't know where the hospitals are...I am trying to find all the local hospitals within a 30 mile radius of me so I will be prepared for next time. (I am sucha bad mommy!)

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