Sunday, November 30, 2008

{Gift Baskets}

I am finishing up my gift baskets and this morning I made up Bakerella's red velvet cake balls - so easy I must say! I am not a good dipper so mine didn't look as pretty as hers but you couldn't really tell the difference once I drizzled some white chocolate across the tops. I also made up some peanut butter fudge this evening and will attemp to make Bakerella's pumpkin pecan chocolate cookies tomorrow to finish off my gift baskets.

Of course, I have the goodies hidden from the kids as they had too much pumpkin pie over the weekend and got into my first (horribly made I might add) pumpkin fudge - the recipe had waaaay tooo much sugar in it and before I could throw it out the kids got a hold of it. This weekend has been a nightmare of extreme "sugar crash" from the fudge as the pumpkin pie was sugar free and made w/splenda instead of real sugar - unlike the pumpkin fudge.

I will get a picture of all three of my goodies created once I have them all nicely packaged before sending them off to their new respective homes. Just be patient it may be another day or so as I am waiting on pictures to come in for my Christmas cards.

On a side note I do have my tree up and decorated and I am rocking out to my festive Christmas music while merrily cleaning up from Thanksgiving and rearrangement of the furniture. I just love Christmas - well really any holiday that lets me celebrate w/friends & family because they get the day off!

Did I mention that I almost took Christmas away from the kids yesterday as they pulled the baby gerbils out of their warm and cozy cocoon of warmness early in the morning and when I found them they were soooo cold, I wasn't sure if they would make it thru the day or if mama would take them back because the kids had touched them.

You should have seen me - I was like a crazy woman - shouting "If those babies die - NO CHRISTMAS FOR YOU!" I was like the "soup nazi" in Seinfeld. I got the gerbils for the kids to enjoy and see the miracle of life without having to get preggers myself again. I didn't realize how attached I was to them and how bonded I have become with the mama gerbil....any ways I digress, the babies are good and growning and mama took them back and warmed them up real good - all 3 babies were moving around and jumping like crazy this morning. (good thing too, because I don't think I would have followed thru on the "No Christmas" maybe no gifts...

Anywho, it's time to hit the hay, I am going to volunteer in Aaron's class tomorrow. I finally figured out the best days to do it for both Sam & Aaron's classes. Monday's I will be in Aaron's class and Friday's I will be in Sam's class. Should be fun.

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. You're really productive! I wish I could get with it! I'm so glad the baby gerbils are ok! It's amazing how attached we can get to a cute little rodent, huh?


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