Wednesday, November 26, 2008

{It's DONE!!}

Thank you all for your wonderful ideas for my newsletter. I have always wanted to do it since being married but never really got around to it and because I put it out there - I actually got it done!! Now to just hook up my printer and print these babies out so that I remember to put them with the cards being sent out.

Yesterday, William, Ruth and I went to go see Sam preform in his class Thanksgiving program. I borrowed my uncles digital point and shoot because it also did video's and recorded the whole thing - now if I could just figure out how to post it here!

I will post the video once I figure it out (might not be until after the new year - but I will post it).

This next month is going to be tight, we are going to keep it simple this year - nothing big or fancy but really the kids don't care one way or another as long as they can open their presents Christmas morning. Not only do I have Christmas this month but also Ruth's & my birthday as well as a few cousins too, not to mention an anniversary or two as well. (what a month to be tight right?)

I am so grateful I did almost all my shopping and planning for Christmas early this year, because the only things I have left to do are baking and putting it all together. (I still have a few things to buy but nothing that will break the bank - I hope.)

Isn't it Dave Ramsey who says "live like NO ONE else so you can LIVE like no one else". I really like that phrase, I have been listening to him for over a year now and really enjoy his no nonsense approach to being financially free as well as spiritually free too. We are working on our baby steps - it truly is hard to live like no one else when there are adds all over TV saying DEBT is ok. Our philosophy is "if we don't have the money in the bank, then it'll have to wait."

Well, I better go and get stuff ready for Tomorrows dinner. My Uncle Clay is going to go pick up my Aunt Jeanie tomorrow morning and I still need to get all the fun projects together and start getting things ready to just pop in the oven.

Happy Holidays!!


  1. hey, your philosophies are for you and i love them. to be so inspired. thanks for sharing. i feel like being me is the best thing that i can do for me after reading.


    hope your turkey is delish, and your day is spectacular.


  2. not sure if my comment went through.

    not sure i can be so eloquent again.

    you inspire:

    i am happy being me because that is the best me i can be.

    happy thanksgifting.



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