Sunday, November 16, 2008

{"Light Bulb" moment}

I made it this morning to church - I only took Aaron & Ruth with me (thinking it would be less hard - just so you know it WASN'T!!). I struggled with them thru Sacrament and was delighted to drop them off at their respective classes so that I could make it to my own class. I had problems getting them to their class though as EVERYONE wanted to welcome me into the ward (something I have not been accustomed to in a VERY long time), it was overwhelming to say the least.

I finally made it to Sunday School where we learned about Mormon and all the wars he was in. Half way thru the class another gal came in (nothing unusual, people chat in the halls and filter into their respective classes late), I normally just glance their way to see if it may be a nursery or primary teacher to get me for one of the kids and then turn back to listen to the lesson. She, however, caught my eye because she was wearing MY DRESS! And others noticed too as I heard the women behind me whisper about how we looked like twins. You would think that any woman in that situation would be mortified, but not me! I thought it was great to know I am not the only one who shops online at Lane Bryant. Although I don't know if she got hers during their awesome sale like I did mine. After the class we laughed about it too because she noticed her dress on me.

During Relief Society I had a "light bulb" moment. The teacher was speaking about how we would get more out of our scripture study if we have a question or an answer we are looking for and the following popped into my head:

During my writing class in college our teacher would ask questions and so on and we would answer, but usually no one would ask her any questions. I just figured that if it was important she would mention whatever I needed answered sometime during her lecture. If not, then I would just struggle with it. NOW here is where my "light bulb" moment happened I realized that if I were to get anything out of my college experience and take away anything new and get what I paid for (A good understanding and education) I had to ASK the questions and GET the answers from the teacher. Not just expect the answer to magically fall out of her lectures.

The same is true about the scriptures and the gospel and just life in general. If you want to make the most out of your life and get the best possible experience and LEARN everything you need to learn to grow spiritually then you have to ask the questions to get the answers you seek. The lord is not going to hand you all the answers, but if you put forth the effort and ASK for help and or guidance from the lord you will see tremendous more gain then if you had never asked.

Just thought I would share my "Light bulb" Moment with you all.

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